Business Regulations

A government’s role in a society is different then that of a business. A business works to maximize its profits for its shareholders and remain in business for the sake of its customers and employees. A government needs to consider profitability, someone needs to pay the bills, but a government also needs to consider safety of the present and future and act as a steward of the land, a caretaker that is maintaining the present and building for future.

     Regulations for environmental standards and standards for doing business ideally need to be written in clear language with reasonable requirements that could be realistically implemented. Policies that are too stringent or are factually unrealistic need to be identified and rewritten with realistic achievable objectives.

     Regulations can only help protect us if they are being followed - everyday - by all the many workers, in all the many different industries, and therefore the regulations do need to be well designed for effectiveness and efficiency within a competitive business world, and then jobs need to be funded in order to provide adequate numbers of inspectors to inspect and enforce the regulations.

     Realistic, achievable methods for assessing whether the regulations are being followed also need to be incorporated into policy requirements, rather than writing idealistic standards or arbitrary percentages to be met, that may be difficult or impossible for businesses to follow or achieve in the real world, and which may not even guarantee that the desired goal will be achieved. 

     It is important to remember that regulations are just words that some human wrote, and possibly just to meet a deadline for a boss who hadn't given the worker enough information about their assignment in the first place.

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