treat the planet as if it gives us all life, because it does.

Climate Change

Effective Policy includes recycling and picking up litter

- Be a super-hero for the planet!

Climate change is not only real but has been occurring at more rapid rates than expected. More severe storms, and flooding, and wild fires, and dust storms, have been occurring than had been typical and they may all be associated with climate change.

     The next administration needs to make climate change part of every policy decision because it will impact most areas of life. Zoning and building permits should consider flood and fire risks and make changes based on the climate change predictions. Relocating groups of people from some areas into more weather friendly areas could be done gradually over time, before severe weather events occur, but it would take community support too.

     It might seem like an odd idea but building underground in hotter climates could provide air conditioned living arrangements for less cost to the environment. The future is going to be hotter, deadly hot in some areas, and having air conditioned living spaces will be required to protect health and life for the more fragile, which includes people who are sick, or young, or elderly. Underground it is always about 55 degrees Fahrenheit so building community centers and health centers underground in hot areas could provide safe shelter that is more sustainable than air conditioned buildings.

     Maximizing use of geothermal energy where the ground allows also is sensible.

     Investing in flood friendly housing and business development is a point on my platform.

     The future will be different in many ways from current times, so predicting what changes might occur and planning and building accordingly now, will help create jobs now and help create a safer future for our grandchildren later.

     Fossil fuel subsidies need to end or be modified so the company can only use the money for changing their company into a new renewable energy focused business and shutting down fossil fuel production and facilities safely or for hazardous waste storage and site clean up.

     I would need to study the topic of carbon taxing more before having an opinion on the value of that strategy for protecting the climate.

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