The ideas provided on this site vary in the amount of detail provided and in their length. Nutrition and medical topics are my area of expertise and they are impacted by federal, state and local policies as well as individual business decisions or those made by individuals for themselves or their families. Many businesses are involved in health but the federal government directly affects the care of many people and has influence over the health care of most people.

     For the goal of First Doing No Harm, I would expect that an elected official would choose to work with a team of experienced professionals and would learn more about the issues and individuals involved before writing specific goals - or treatment plans - for making changes in government policy or individual business or personal choices.

     A policy is a fancy way to say what our goals are and procedures are the steps we plan to take in order to try to achieve the policy goal. The topic of policies and procedures are discussed in more detail on the site

"First do no harm," is attributed to Hippocrates an ancient Greek author of medical textbooks.

     The exact wording does not include the word "first" according to a physician who wrote about the quote on the Harvard Health Blog, "First, do no harm."

     He mentions that in real-world situations trying to follow the goal to "first, do no harm," can be difficult "because estimates of risk and benefit" of medical treatments can be "uncertain and prone to error."  More quality research was recommended so that physicians would be able to make more accurate medical decisions.

Our children are our future taxpayers and future caregivers and workers and leaders. An education system that values and fosters each child's individual potential also is helping support their ability to identify their own strengths and can help guide them towards a future path that suits their natural abilities. Our children are our future, we need to protect them and their home - their planet which is also our future.

Risks can be difficult to know or predict but doing nothing can also be a risk, or bigger risk, depending on the situation.

Making a decision based on evidence and experience considers the pros and cons of possible actions - doing something versus maintaining the current situation - doing nothing.

treat the planet as if it gives us all life, because it does.

Effective Policy includes recycling and picking up litter

- Be a super-hero for the planet!