treat the planet as if it gives us all life, because it does.

Effective Policy includes recycling and picking up litter

- Be a super-hero for the planet!

Global Challenges

Global threats that can cross international borders, such as pandemic disease and the effects of climate change, need to be met cooperatively by our nation working with other nations, and with large corporations and international non-profit organizations.

     Peace is more likely when a nation has enough food and water for its citizens. Rioting and civil war has occurred after drought conditions affected crop yields negatively.

     Pandemic disease is also more likely to occur in a population who is under-nourished and where there is inadequate sanitation facilities (running water and bathrooms).

     Helping nations improve infrastructure that supports sanitation facilities and improving agriculture infrastructure for irrigation, may also be strategies that can help prevent pandemics and civil disturbances.

     Helping developing nations build infrastructure that is efficient and based on renewable energy could help reduce the carbon footprint of the developing nation and help prevent more severe climate change from occurring in the future.

     We only have one planet, if it goes down, it takes the rest of us with it - or vice versa - there’s many of us and our failures might take the planet down along with us and likely lead to the extinction of many of the planet’s other species too. 

     Humans are part of the planet's ecosystem, and need to work with natural systems rather than think we are master over nature. We are at the top of the food chain but we are still part of it.

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